Boost Your Home Business’s Image with a Virtual Office

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There’s no denying that working from home has its perks. I mean, who wouldn’t want to work at their own pace, set their own dress code, avoid the hassle of commuter traffic and reduce overhead costs? But, if there’s one glaring downside to operating from home it’s this – working from a home office simply doesn’t have the allure of a commercial address. Those who are seeking the freedom and cost-efficiency of working from home should consider the image-boosting benefits of renting virtual office space.

Professional Resources Project a Professional Image

A virtual office is an excellent way for start-ups and small businesses to keep costs low while gaining the resources of a professional corporation. Most virtual offices come with a dedicated virtual receptionist, call forwarding and mail management services; some technology packages even include fax forwarding to email and voice mail forwarding to email. These resources not only maximize efficiency but also project an image of professionalism that can set you apart from home-based competitors.

A Virtual Office Affords the Opportunity to Network

Let’s be blunt: it’s usually not a good idea for your business card to contain an address that’s clearly in a residential neighborhood. Most virtual offices come with an address for a physical location that’s zoned for business, helping you to establish credibility with those you hope to do business with in the future. Also, most virtual office packages allow for access to private and shared office space and meeting rooms. By working alongside others, you’ll be in a better position to network, creating the possibility for new opportunities.

A Corporate Image Establishes Credibility

A professional business location speaks volumes about yourself and your operation. So much so that it can even help you to meet compliance demands from creditors, suppliers and lenders. Simply put, it’ll be easier for your business to be taken seriously if you’re located at, say, in the heart of Lagos State, the economic hub of Nigeria and at the Government Reservation Area on the Mainland and less than 5 minutes drive from the Airport. This can be of vital importance if you’re just starting out and hoping to get your business off the ground. The right address can make a difference in closing deals, winning clients, establishing credits and making connections that can take your business to the next level.

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