Valentine’s day at Virtual Hub

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Valentine’s day at our office was a memorable one.  The day started with us gifting our esteemed clients and staff chocolate in keeping with the spirit of the day.

Then the Virtual hub tribe got together for pictures. The result is pictures that are as colourful as our personalities.

Valentine’s day to us meant a day of showing appreciation to our clients and staff.  One of our added values is the community environment we provide and this is highlighted on days such as this.




Our Corporate Social Responsibility Activities

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One of our Corporate Social Responsibilities is seeing to the welfare of the less privileged in the society. January 11, 2019 records one of our trips to Alagbon Ikoyi Prisons with our General Managing Director, Mrs Oluwatoyin Edun and some staff of Virtual Hub.

Why you should use virtual office for your business

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If you are running your business from home, and need to have a professional feel for it, or, you need office addresses in cities(where your market are) other than your operating location, then you hire a  virtual office solution.

What is a Virtual Office?

Virtual office providers provide address and communication services for its clients, and also a physical business space when its clients require it.


Having a good virtual office solution will allow you to handle anything that you need to do from your own workspace.


The advent of Virtual office started from the Information Age and Innovative age, where working from home have been drawn. Virtual offices are popular amongst startups, internet-based businesses and small businesses.


A Virtual office can lead to greater productivity, as its services free workers from administrative and communication tasks. Staffs can work remotely from a location that is best convenient for them.


A Virtual office is not narrowed to small businesses alone, it offers thousands of address for your businesses in cities where the market is, hence, A Virtual Office is a solution for all sizes of business.


Virtual Offices Offers businesses with everything that is required to create better business opportunities through a prominent business location, while, providing complete control and functionality virtually to run your business.


Why you need a Virtual Office

  1. High Productivity: Employees from the Generation X and Generation Y, in particular, find remote work a tremendous benefit. It offers flexibility, and the comfort of being able to work independently without conforming to work rules, such as dress code, traditional work hours. Staffs have the flexibility to design their days so that their personal lives and work lives can be experienced to their full potential and co-exist peacefully.
  1. Saves Cost and Time: Commercial office space is not always the best option, Staffs jump from home to commercial office is both expensive and time-consuming.  You have to get the lights and phone on, pay the rent, and sign a long-term lease, buy furniture, interior decorations, internet, telecommunication services and maintaining all of it. A virtual office is an efficient and cost-effective alternative to the commercial office space for businesses that do not have the adequate finance to pay huge in a commercial office space.


  1. Gives your business a Professional image: Virtual offices help small businesses create a professional image, which would be impossible to attain with their present location of operation without having to break the bank. While working from home is good, you probably have to meet your customers at some point – they will probably want to see your business operations, and a house is not an option to meet your customers. You definitely need an office solution to convey a professional and business appearance to clients.  Virtual office providers provide its clients with receptionist services, Meeting rooms, training rooms, lounges and telecommunication services making small businesses appear big like giant companies without spending a fortune.


  1. Flexible Telecommunication Services: Have you thought about attending to your business telephone call while at Coconut beach? Virtual Office providers’ offers telecommunication services, answers your customers call with your company’s signature and route it to you wherever you are. Telephonically – you are at the office, physically- you are at the beach. Virtual office providers also receive emails sent to your address, scan them and send to you with no cost.
  1. High Business Visibility: Virtual offices do not confine the locations of users to one recognizable area. Instead, it allows you to be in different places all at once allowing you to enjoy the much-required exposure, visibility, and popularity to keep your business up and running. Virtual offices spur the possibility of having your business addresses in different cities in the world.


In Conclusion, having a Virtual office space with impressive addresses will establish your business’ standing.


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If you are looking for an all-enabling serviced office in Nigeria, then considering these 7 things will help you make an informed decision before renting that office space.

  1. Office type

Serviced offices are becoming increasingly popular in the Country, with the growing rate of start-ups and freelancers, having a walk-in space for your business is probably the best option. Co-working and serviced office spaces come fully fitted with well-trained staffs, resource teams and amenities. If you are looking at upscaling your business, or playing it safe in an unpredictable economic climate like ours, then you might want to consider renting a serviced office.

A co-working space

With the growing number of entrepreneurs and freelancers, identifying yourself with a co-working space will avail you the opportunity of connecting with people of like minds, sharing innovative ideas and collaborations. You can only pay for what you need and affordable services are included with flexible rates: you can actually rent a space for as little as a month.

Most virtual office providers also run membership schemes which allows you to make use of their facilities anytime the need arises. Bear in mind that co-working spaces aren’t just for freelancers and start-ups, already established businesses are droning into it now. So, what are you waiting for?

A private serviced office

You would want a private serviced office depending on your business type, staff strength or generally, based on your level of interaction with people. Having a serviced office is the most convenient workspace option for any business. You have your own privacy, there’s enough room for your team to have brainstorming sessions, and your business has a location as to where clients are to connect with you.

A private serviced office could be just a room in an office building, a floor in an office complex, or you could have an entire building to yourself depending on how many people your business needs to accommodate. You do not have to bother about furnishings, utilities, security and maintenance as all these are taken care of on your behalf, so you focus solely on running your own business.

  1. Business type

Finding a serviced office suitable for your business type is also one of the key things to consider when looking for a virtual office. Virtual office providers may say sweet things and have delectable packages just to lure you into using their office space, but what should be of utmost priority is finding a place that says all the good things about your business.

If your business is a retail outfit, then it’s imperative for you to find a strategic location that would facilitate heavy walk-in clients. If your business is more of strategic thinking and planning, and you do not need this kind of high presence, you should settle for a more quiet and serene environment with less people.  You may be able to save cost by so doing because co-working spaces in the heart of commercial activities tend to come at a much higher price.

  1. Ambience

The saying “you are what you portray” goes along with this considering this factor when renting a serviced office. You definitely have to think about appearance and outlook as this would inform the perception of your business by customers and intending clients. You want to be able to have an all enabling environment for your business where customers can walk in and feel every ounce of relief at the site of your virtual office.

If customers won’t be visiting your office space, then this is less than an issue. So you could easily settle for a suitable serviced office with the right facilities and desired convenience. Because, you would not want to keep your team in an untidy, unsafe or old-fashioned environment, which eventually has a consequent effect on staff morale and work ethics. Hence, you want to keep it simple, but yet presentable.

Also, you might want to put into consideration, how the area is like? The kind of neighbours you have, and the businesses that they are into as well? Knowing your competitors and what they are doing is very key in thriving in any business. You should also be thinking about what your customers would think, when they visit you?

  1. Services  and Facilities

This is also very key when choosing a suitable serviced office. Would you like the facilities to come already installed? Or would you like to install them as the need arises. These and many more are the likely questions you should ask yourself when choosing a virtual office space.

Typically, a well furnished and accessible co-working space should have the following features:


  • Convenience: You want to ask questions like, are you going to be open 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week, and offer plans that cater to everyone– weekend only plans, evenings only, 3 days a week plan, or daily drop-ins. You would want to ask all these questions so as to know what works for you and your employees.
  • Infrastructure: Does the building style suit your business type? Do you think you can make modification to the building? Do they have furnitures that are convenient for your customers and employees? Asking this questions gives you an idea as to how you can run your business in the serviced office space and if it would be suitable for your business as well.

Infrastructure doesn’t just end with the building style, you also have to ask the following questions:

  1. Can I contact other businesses that have had a mainstay in the building to tell me about their experience?
  2. Does the building have a functional postal service for my letters and correspondences?
  3. Will I have fast internet access here, and if not, have I factored it into the cost of renting the serviced office space?
  • Facilities: You need to think about partitions/ fittings, fire alarms and bulgar sirens, telephone lines, lighting/ electronic fittings, air conditioning/ ventilation, networking facilities, cooking/ refrigerating, high speed fibre-optic internet and stable power supply.

A serviced office without all these basic amenities is bound to cripple your business, frustrate employers, and eventually bring in low income for you. So you really want to put this into consideration before renting that serviced office.

  • Programming and Packages:

Before renting that serviced office, you want to be sure that they have packages and programs suitable for your business type or what you intend to use it for, be it for business meetings, conferences and seminars. Does the co-working space have a weekly event package, conference rooms with  adequate seating capacity, or a private office just for your personal use?

Weekly programmes such as yoga classes, a run club and monthly wellness talks, personal and professional classes says all the right things about a serviced office space that is not just out to give your business a name, but is also passionate about building your team and bringing out the best in you.

  1. Location

This is in my opinion is one of the key things to consider when renting an serviced office space. You want to be as close to your clients and customers as much as you can, depending on the type of business you are into. Customers do not want to go through the stress of having to look for your business in a clustered street of many building complexes, so you want to be as visible and accessible as much as you can. Bear in mind that you also want your serviced office space as close to your employees as possible.

For companies and start-ups that have a high priority on their brand image, you might want to consider renting a virtual office with lavish looks and facilities in that upscale environment. Taking into consideration the fact that this appearance appeals to your customers, and leaves them coming back over and over again.

In all, there is not a one-size-fits all to selecting a serviced office location suitable for your business, so you would need to evaluate the needs your business is catering for, and this would be the driving force in your decision making process.

  1. Cost and Quality

Serviced office spaces often time have fixed rates depending on the package type and duration. They require no upfront payment other than a deposit. The payment process is most times simple and seamless as you pay before moving into the office space. Nevertheless, you have to look carefully at what is intended in the price. Does it include business rates, utility bills, packing space, etc. You would really want to define what exactly you are paying for so you don’t get caught unawareness.  

Renting a serviced office isn’t one-cap-fits-all as their are many packages and business plans depending on that which suits you. So you want to find out if renting that office space does not incur additional costs and if it does, you should definitely know what you are up against. Ask informed questions and read thoroughly the terms and conditions before signing up for that serviced office. You don’t want to have management issues when you are almost at your big break.

  1. Size

Obviously, both of the points mentioned earlier- location and cost would definitely influence the size the serviced office you intend to rent. Nevertheless, this should not be overlooked as you do not want your employees and clients all crammed up in one small space called a serviced office, so you would want to get it best, even though it doesn’t come at an outrageous price.

Generally, it has been recommended that a serviced office should have a 70 square feet per person, but yet again, it is not a one-cap-fits-all scenario. You know your business better and you know what works best for it.

Before renting that serviced office, here are a few questions that would help you decide if it’s the right size:

  1. Will I have at least 70 square feet per person?
  2. Will my employees and customers be able to sit conveniently without bumping into each other?
  3. Do I have room to grow my staff strength as my business expands?
  4. Do I have a dedicated space for meeting with clients?
  5. Will my employees enjoy their recreational space and co-exist happily with one another?

Your business should have room and enough space to take on all it’s activities. Having your business in a cramped space has been proven to reduce productivity. So you want to run away from this as much as possible.

Finally, identifying all that your business needs will help you make an informed decision when renting that serviced office or co-working space. Try not to outstretch yourself, paying attention to all the tiny details. You can always scale up and find a better serviced office once your business expands.

Nevertheless, do not get too comfortable in your correct position, always look for an opportunity of expansion and do not hesitate to switch into the cheapest serviced office space you can find.


Leased or serviced office space – which is the best fit for your business?

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Your new venture might have first spread its wings in the comfort of your own home, but most start-ups need to fly the nest at some point.

Whilst sending emails from your sofa in your onesie undeniably has its charms, there comes a time when moving your business forward requires giving it its own four walls.

Moving into a proper office can make what you do seem a whole lot more real – but it’s a daunting move to make, and with more options available than ever before, it’s unsurprising that many small business owners make the wrong decisions, or delay the move from home entirely.

To help you choose the best route for your business, we compare the more traditional option of renting an office on a commercial lease and the serviced office option. We look at what each one gives you and highlight the benefits and drawbacks of both, so you can come to the right decision.

Aside from some of the more avant-garde office options available (shared office space, co-working, and the ‘virtual’ office to name a few) those looking to house several employees under the same roof should weigh up the choice between a conventional leased and a serviced office space.

Balancing the pros and cons of a traditional leased office against a serviced office space

A serviced office is fully equipped and managed by a facility management company, which offers relatively flexible and simple rental contracts, with the added advantage of having all essential amenities in place, such as phone lines, internet connections, and often even furniture.

On the other hand, a traditional office space involves leasing the office from a commercial landlord, and typically involves a medium to long-term contract, typically of at least three years. As the tenant you get full control over space, but are also responsible for its upkeep.

Although they may not sound worlds apart, there are important differences between the two, with each one suiting a different kind of business, with different needs, and often at a different stage of its growth.

Here are the 4 questions you should ask yourself to help you weigh up which office space suits your business best;

1. What’s your budget?

With the cost of office space higher than ever, one of the first questions for any company looking for a place to call home, especially in its infancy, is what will the damage be in terms of rent?

Conventional leased office space is generally the cheapest way to rent a commercial property. By comparison, the luxury of having everything taken care of in a serviced office will often incur considerable additional costs.

The cost of a serviced office should include Internet and phone bills, cleaning, heating and lighting, reception, security and maintenance, redecoration and refurbishment, and for this all-inclusive service you’ll be paying a premium.

However, whilst you may end up paying more in the long run, for an SME, the flexible nature of contracts with a serviced office mean there’s far less financial risk involved should you enter into any difficulties, with all that’s required being a payment of the minimal rental period, usually of around three months (although it is worth noting that some serviced office contracts will tie you in for as long as a year).

Additionally, in moving into a serviced office, there are little to no start-up costs.

2. What do you have more of: time or money?

Whilst a leased office space might cost less on a per desk space basis, there’s certainly a lot more hassle and time required than going into a serviced office.

Even before you’ve moved in, there’s a huge amount more paper work required, and the long-term nature of the contract requiring legal advice, and going through with a fine-tooth comb.

And then there’s the time spent setting up shop. Phone lines, Internet, electrical power and other utilities need to be sourced, and contractors need to be arranged.

Conversely, a serviced office provider will already have these things in place by the time you move in, allowing you to concentrate your time and energy on your business from day one.

Even after you’re all set up, having a conventional leased office will involve setting aside time for general upkeep.

Commercial tenants have far more responsibility towards maintaining the building than residential tenants, and if something goes wrong, the ball is often in your court to resolve it.

This can be anything – from a leaky roof, to general redecoration, to a poor Internet connection – all of which would be sorted by the office provider in a serviced space, making it a much more time efficient environment

If you are willing to spend a bit more money in order to save considerable time, perhaps a serviced office space is a better fit for you.

3. What stage is your business at and do you foresee change or growth in the near future?

This again goes back to the long-term vs short term choice.

A conventional leased office space can work out cheapest on a per desk basis – but might only make sense if you’re not planning on expanding any time soon, unless of course, you are leasing a place big enough to expand within, which is certainly something to factor in.

If you’re a start-up or small business, the short-term nature of a serviced office space suits the potentially uncertain future of your business – maybe in six months you’ll see huge expansion, maybe you will downsize, maybe it will make more sense to relocate to a different area, or, at worst, maybe your venture won’t work out.

In any of these instances, a contract of three years plus will only act as a burden, curtailing any development and change, and potentially landing you with a broken contract or lost deposit if you cannot keep up with the bills.

A traditional leased office is, therefore, best for businesses that have secured and established plans for the immediate future, including any possible expansion. It’s imperative when choosing an office space to factor in your plans for growth.

4. Where will best suit your brand’s image and identity?

It goes without saying that your office should reflect the character of your business. While a leased office space might involve taking on a lot more responsibility, with this comes a greater control over the space and freedom to make it your own. This is often the primary reason people opt for a traditional leased office space, rather than a serviced alternative.

However, a serviced office can certainly help build a professional image for smaller businesses, with the added bonus of reception services and meeting rooms creating a slick presentation. There might be less scope for creating a truly unique environment – but for a business still in its infancy this is less of an issue, as it is likely that the brand is still evolving.

Weighing up these factors

All in all, when it comes to choosing an office, it’s not just a simple case of looking at your budget.

There are no hard and fast rules for which type of space is the cheapest, with the limited up-front costs for a serviced office space often counteracted by the premium you will pay on rent each month. Even this isn’t set in stone – you may find that in certain locations, a serviced office space is actually the cheapest alternative.

It’s a matter of making this difficult transition itself as smooth as possible in all other respects as well – examine the demands on your time and which option is the most efficient for you, the stage of your business and your plans for growth, and crucially, and the identity you wish to create and present.

Weighing up all of these factors will allow you to find the most suitable home for your business.

Source: Bystart UK

Why Virtual Hub Conference Halls Should Be Your First Choice When Thinking Of Holding Conferences, Seminars, Training and Meetings

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Thinking of holding your conferences, training, seminars, meetings and so on? Then Virtual Hub conference halls will be best for you

Here are reasons you should choose Virtual Hub conference halls when thinking of holding your conference.

Where we are located is one of our main advantages, located in the heart of GRA Ikeja, in a very prestigious location and with just ten minutes drive from the airport and also in a highly commercialized area, Virtual Hub is one of the leading company with standard conference halls in a beautiful location.

Also when we talk of standard conference halls, our conference venues comes with all the necessary appliances that will make your conference, training, seminar and meeting a perfect and quality one. Ranging from our projectors, interactive white marker boards, speaker systems, and internet wifi because many of the attendees will want to use laptops and tablets

Convenience is also what we put into consideration to make sure our clients have the best experience during their conference, our conference halls comes with very lovely large round tables, chairs, air condition, good lighting system and so on

Our prices and packages are also very flexible that it will fall within the budget of our clients. Our conference halls is sure value for the money

We have enough space in our conference halls that can occupy your attendees conveniently.

At Virtual Hub, we are one of the leading company providing you with the services of conference halls, virtual offices, seminars, meetings, hot desks and so on. Reach for us to experience the best above mentioned services like never before

Contact us at 5, Isaac John Street, GRA Ikeja, Lagos – Nigeria

for more inquiries and bookings

Phone number:  01-4482730



Increasing Your Business Clients From Anywhere You Are Around The Globe With The Help Of Virtual Office

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Do you know it is very easy for you to increase your clients base and promotes your business or services here in Nigeria even while you are working from your country or abroad? Here is how:

With the help of our prestigious Virtual working spaces, global, multi-tasking, intelligent receptionists and our idle telephone lines, we can help increase your clients and promotes your business or services here in Nigeria even while you are working from your country or abroad.

As we are helping you market your business, you can use our beautiful and elegant working space for your services anytime you travel down from your country or any part of the world. Also, a telephone line will be assigned to your business here in Nigeria, so that whenever people here requested for your services you can give them your virtual office address and the telephone line that is assigned to your business, and finally our intelligent receptionists will pass information across to you on who requested for your services and also get back to your clients on how and when the services they requested for will be delivered in our office.

All these benefits and more is available for your business or services simply by registering with us and paying for our Virtual working space and front desk services.

Contact us with your email address and telephone line on the following mailing address to find out more about our well planned platform to promotes businesses and services all around the world and start expanding yours from the comfort of anywhere you are


Virtual Hub Partners With African Entrepreneurship Awards, MEST and Others To Host Entrepreneur Mentors

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We are thrilled to announce that we were part of the hosts of the African Entrepreneurship Award’s  Priceless Mentors For  $1 Million  Lagos edition, alongside other hubs and co-working spaces like MEST Incubator, Cranium One, Workstation , We’nnovation and others, that hosted Entrepreur mentors from May 8th – 12th, 2018.

As part of our mission to be the number 1 innovation, business enabling and entrepreneur-friendly co-working space in Africa, we partnered and worked with the Africa Entrepreneurship Award team to make sure that they got the best team of mentors on the Mainland side of Lagos, that would mentor and groom the entrepreneurs that would go on and win $1 million.

It wasn’t all just fun and games, we ran into roadblocks trying to get the right mentors, some mentors didnt show up, while some that showed up weren’t qualified. At the end of the day, it ended well. We were able to pull 5 strong mentors forward, one of them being the able Group Managing Director of Fusion Group Nigeria, Mrs Oluwatoyin Edun.

The offline mentoring session and mentor selection ended on Friday 12th of May, 2018 while the mentoring (online) continues till the 30th of May, 2018.

Contact Us or Visit the African Entrepreneurship Award website  to find out more about being a mentor or mentee.

Click here to book a tour of Virtual hub

See more photos below.




The advantages of Virtual offices to a Self-employed person

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Are you self-employed? Here is what you should know about Virtual Offices.

Here are some of the advantages of Virtual offices to a self-employed person and intended entrepreneurs

Imagine being an entrepreneur without the struggles of setting up an office for your business, all you have to do is to pay for a Virtual office package and enjoy all the benefits of a standard and well-equipped office. Trust us, you are going to love it

A Virtual office package is a type of office which is already furnished and equipped with all the facilities and equipment you need for the day to day running of your business. You need not worry about setting up an office, all you need to do is to pay for a Virtual office package at flexible rates and enjoy a standard office for running your business.

Here are some of the advantages of a Virtual office to you as an entrepreneur:

  1. Saves Cost Of Running Your Business: No need to be paying for some office management fees that you need to run your business, like electricity, internet, security, front desk officer, parking space and so much more
  2. Productivity Level or Time: A Virtual office greatly helps you and your staffs to use the bulk of your time in works that will make your business productive as you don’t have to bother on managing your work environment
  3. Environmental Benefits or Location: A Virtual office package is located in a highly commercialized area that is best for your business and also in a peaceful and quiet serene
  4. Economy: Virtual office saves you the cost of setting up a traditional office, buying equipment and so on
  5. Business Connections Benefits: There are different companies using one virtual office, so your business have the advantage of meeting other businesses which eventually they might patronize you and have a business relationship with you

At Virtual Hub, we are one of the best company that run virtual office packages designed just for our clients to run their businesses, located in the heart of Ikeja (GRA) and with just ten minutes drive from the airport, our offices are very neat and well furnished to meet the standards of any business, and they all come with mind blowing facilities like 24/7 super fast internet, uninterrupted power supply, dedicated telephone lines, central receptionists and intelligent front desk personnel, parking space, security officers and so on.

These are just some of the numerous benefits we have for your business. If you have any question or add? Simply let us know, we are meant for our clients and we are always looking to increase our portfolio

Contact us at our office, 5 Isaac John Street, Ikeja GRA, Lagos – Nigeria. Phone number; 01-4482730, email;

5 Reasons virtual offices is best for your business

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Do you know you can run your business with hot office space that is already furnished and comes with all facilities plus equipment you require for the success of your business?

Here are 5 reasons why virtual offices are best for you:


  1. Less Overhead: you don’t have to worry about hiring so many staffs as our virtual offices already provide you cleaning services, security, central receptionist, and intelligent front desk personnel


  1. Lower payroll: we make you save money by making sure you incur fewer expenses in running your business, imagine you don’t have to pay for power supply, internet, security and so much more, you will surely love it


  1. Highly commercialized area: at Virtual Hub, we are located at a highly commercialized area that is best for your business, we are located in the heart of Ikeja (GRA) and with just ten minutes drive from the airport


  1. Secured Environment: we guarantee your business environment safe and secured because we believe that your business is your life


  1. Flexible Packages: We offer all our clients the best services at flexible packages making sure you save more and enjoy quality services and ensuring your business success.


Here is what you should know:

At Virtual Hub we have the best virtual office spaces designed just for our clients to run their businesses, located in the heart of Ikeja (GRA) and with just ten minutes drive from the airport, our offices are very neat and well furnished to meet the standards of any business, and they all comes with mind blowing facilities like 24/7 super fast internet, uninterrupted power supply, dedicated telephone lines, central receptionists and intelligent front desk personnels, parking space and security officers.


These are just few of the numerous benefits we have for your businesses at Virtual hub. Do you have any questions or adds? Let us know.


Contact us at our office, 5 Isaac John street, Ikeja GRA, Lagos – Nigeria. Phone number; 01-4482730, email;